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Volga GAZ-21L / 1969

Price:€ 16500

The luxury version, the full restoration of the new parts, a minimum remake, new engine, gear box end axles !!!

Chrome original Soviet.

Dashboard - natural root of the tree, the new US Firestone tires with original tread

ZAZ 968MD / 1993

Price: 2 000€


Completely new car, stored in a dry garage 23 years old, rust-free, full of original, small scratches on the paint, documents are in order. A rare find for collector.

900km mileage !!!

СМЗ С3Д (handicap's car)

Price: 3 000€ 

Soviet handicap's car, 2 door convertible. Rare find, low production. Full original. This car runs great and is a very fun driving vehicle. Great piece for any collection or museum.

GAZ-51 / 19хх 

Price: 7500 € 

Completely refurbished truck! Original KUNG (body standardized normal size)

GAZ-12 ZIM / 1950 год

Price: 48900 €


Completely renovated car! was released in 1950 and has the body No. 00052